Vehicle Re-Identification

Vehicle re-identification helps to determine whether a given vehicle has appeared in another camera. The technology is useful to automatically locate a certain vehicle in a network of cameras, mainly for surveillance applications. In practice, issues like variations in illumination changes, camera view angles, vehicle positions, etc. are the typical challenges that need to be […]


Automated Traffic Surveillance

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have attracted considerable research attention in areas such as vehicle detection, recognition, and counting, and traffic parameter estimation. In light of the anticipated availability of low-cost hardware, as well as continuing progress in algorithmic research, computer vision has become a promising base technology for traffic sensing systems. Since vision sensors provide […]


Proactive Road Safety

The project aims to implement smart solutions which are proactive in anticipating safety incidents and potential accidents to take necessary corrective actions by alerting the driver on their risky driving habits rather than being reactive through conducting analysis post accidents with losses assets or even worse leading to driver’s or passengers injuries or deaths. Below […]


Diagnostic Retinal Image Analysis

Retinal imaging has rapidly grown within ophthalmology in the past twenty years. The availability of low cost fundus cameras to take direct images of the retina, fundus photography, makes it possible to examine the eye for the presence of many different eye diseases with a simple, non-invasive method. We have focused on automatic early detection […]


Natural language descriptions of images and their regions

To develop a model/framework that generates natural language descriptions of images and their regions. A quick glance at an image is sufficient for a human to point out and describe an immense amount of details about the visual scene. However, this remarkable ability has proven to be an elusive task for our visual recognition models. We […]


Autonomous Driving Using NVIDIA Jetson TX1

Driving has become an essential part of our daily life; going to work, getting errands done and getting to the nearest hospital in case of emergency. We are in an era where getting to places is faster than ever but the sheer speed of our commutes is not the only arena where we are innovating, […]


Vision Based Violence Detection System

A shot is considered violent if a bared weapon could be seen, if physical violence such as punching or kicking occurred. For the past decade, terrorism has been on the rise, growing at an exponential rate. There have been countless measures that are put in place to stop it or even minimize the effect. The […]


Person Re-Identification in Multi-Camera Networks

Person re-identification consists in matching observations of individuals across disjoint views in a network of surveillance cameras (this task is some times also referred to as multi-camera single person tracking). This is a non-trivial problem because the appearance of individuals varies greatly through the scenes, due to possibly different acquisition devices and ambient illuminant, changes […]


Abnormal event detection and localization in surveillance videos

The main objective of this system is to detect and localize unusual objects, suspicious behaviors or irregular events in a scene. The proposed method should detects anomalous regions in a video and it is fast enough for real-time applications. It codes video as a compact set of spatio-temporal video volumes while considering uncertainties in the […]


Facial Expression Recognition

A facial expression is one or more motions or positions of the muscles beneath the skin of the face. According to one set of controversial theories, these movements convey the emotional state of an individual to observers. Facial expressions are a form of nonverbal communication. Facial expressions convey non-verbal cues, which play an important role in […]