Edge Computing for Computer Vision

A five days workshop on “Edge Computing for Computer Vision” is being conducted with a focus on harnessing the power of computer vision on the edge.  We can tackle real world computer vision problems from edge computing using edge devices like Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, OpenCV AI Kit e.t.c.  This workshop is being conducted on an AI-enabled camera kit called OpenCV AI Kit with Depth (OAK-D). The participants will be able to use OAK-D and deploy computer vision models on them. OAK-D is a spatial AI powerhouse, capable of simultaneously running advanced neural networks while providing depth from two stereo cameras and color information from a single 4K camera in the center.

Learning Outcomes

After the workshop participants would have understanding of:

  • Edge computing for computer vision (E4CV)
  • Working of edge devices
  • Developing and deploying AI models on OpenCV AI Kit with depth (OAK-D)
  • Various real world use cases and applications of E4CV

Who Should Attend

Students or Professionals that have:

  • An interest in Computer Vision and Edge Computing.
  • Basic understanding of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts.
  • Developing and deploying AI models on OpenCV AI Kit with depth (OAK-D)
  • Experience of using Python and associated libraries like OpenCV, scikit-learn, Tensorflow etc./span>

Speakers and Instructors


An international workshop, where the speakers are renowned researchers in the domain from NUST, Harvard USA, TUM Germany, Abu Dhabi UAE

Muhammad Moazam fraz

Muhammad Moazam Fraz

Associate Professor, NUST SEECS

Muhammad Shahzad

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Yasir Faheem

Associate Professor, NUST SEECS

Muhammad Shaban

Research Fellow, Harvard University, USA

Sajid Javed Khan

Assistant Professor, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Ahsan Ijaz

Alishba Tahir

M. Hassan Maqsood

Hamna Kaleem

Hamna Kaleem

Program Details

Time/DateAugust 23, 2021August 24, 2021August 25, 2021August 26, 2021August 27, 2021
10am – 1pm
  • Deep Learning Model Architectures and Applications in Agriculture (Dr M. Moazam Fraz)
  • Edge Computing Devices and Architecture
  • OpenCV AI Kit with depth (OAK-D)

AI models for Object Detection in Remote Sensing and Agriculture (By: Dr M Shahzad)

Object Tracking

Killer Trackers for Video Surveillance ( By: Dr Sajid Javid)

AI Breakthrough in Computational Pathology : An enabler in personalized cancer treatment (By: Dr  Shaban)
2pm – 4pm
  • Google Colab configuration and integration with Kaggle
  • Computer Vision models for Image classification, Object Detection in visual data, Scene semantic segmentation
  • Production ready AI model development, training & deployment
  • OAK-D environment setup, libraries installation
  • Luxonis DepthAI configuration
  • OAK-D Architecture
  • Object Detection Demo on OAK-D
  • OpenVINO toolkit
  • OAK-D Model deployment using OpenVINO
  • Object detection on OKA-D

Model Deployment on OAK-D

  • Pedestrian tracking
  • COVID-19 SOPs supervision
  • Security: License plate detection and Person Identification

Model Deployment on OAK-D

  • Emotion Recognition
  • Activity recognition by pose estimation
  • Closing ceremony


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E4CV Workshop Feedback

Mughees Qasim

The instructors have good communication skills and the good thing is that they are taking everybody with them. If someone got stuck at the task, they wait for them. The lab environment is not boring, the instructors are not just bombarding us with instructions. The instructors are friendly and I think this is the best thing for a healthy learning environment.

Ruksana Zafar
Rukhsana Zafar

It was a good session, was beneficial to me and encouraged me to explore future about the models. It was organized best and the delivery of lecture was fantastic.

Hamza Munir
Hamza Munir

Today’s very interesting and full of knowledge session speakers give grate knowledge about object detection algorithms very good hands on experience in training custom models.

Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman

It was a productive session for me.

Hadia Ushaq
Hadia Ushaq

The trainers were very helpful. Speakers were great and well prepared.

Kainat Riaz
Kainat Riaz

Very positive I am glad I took this workshop.