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Edge Computing for Computer Vision

With edge computing, we are able to bring the processing of the images or video much closer to their source. This will address latency, bandwidth and privacy concerns. And by doing so increases the art of what’s possible with computer vision.

A five days workshop on “Edge Computing for Computer Vision” is being conducted with a focus on harnessing the power of computer vision on the edge.  We can tackle real world computer vision problems from edge computing using edge devices like Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, OpenCV AI Kit e.t.c.  This workshop is being conducted on an AI-enabled camera kit called OpenCV AI Kit with Depth (OAK-D). Special Thanks to OpenCV for providing us with the OAK-D Kits. The participants will be able to use OAK-D and deploy computer vision models on them. OAK-D is a spatial AI powerhouse, capable of simultaneously running advanced neural networks while providing depth from two stereo cameras and color information from a single 4K camera in the center.

Learning Outcome

After the workshop participants would have understanding of

  • Edge computing for computer vision (E4CV)
  • Working of edge devices
  • Developing and deploying AI models on OpenCV AI Kit with depth (OAK-D)
  • Various real world use cases and applications of E4CV

Target Audiences

Students or Professionals that have

  • An interest in Computer Vision and Edge Computing.
  • Basic understanding of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts.
  • Experience of using Python and associated libraries like OpenCV, scikit-learn, Tensorflow etc.


  • Dr Muhammad Moazam Fraz, Associate Professor, NUST SEECS
  • Dr Muhammad Shaban, Research Fellow, Harvard University, USA
  • Dr Yasir Faheem, Associate Professor, NUST SEECS
  • Dr Muhammad Shahzad, Research Assistant Professor, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Dr Sajid Javed, Assistant Professor, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Program Schedule

Dates (Time: 10 am – 4 pm) Topics
August 23, 2021

Introduction to Computer Vision and Deep Learning
Deep Learning Model Architectures
Hands on: Deployment of AI models on Google Colab

August 24, 2021

Introduction to Edge Computing Devices

Introduction to OpenCV AI Kit with depth (OAK-D)

Hands on: Deployment of AI models on OAK-D

August 25, 2021

Object Detection in Visual Data
   -Single Shot Detector (SSD)
   -You Only Look Once (YOLO) 
Hands on: Deployment of AI models on OAK-D

August 26, 2021

Object Tracking : Killer Trackers for Video Surveillance

– COVID-19 SOPs supervision (Mask detection and social distancing Detector)
– Object Detection & Object detection with depth
– Person Identification
– Security: License plate detector

August 27, 2021

AI Breakthrough in Computational Pathology : An enabler in personalized cancer treatment

Explainable AI

– Hand pose estimation and American sign language (ASL) recognition
– Emotions and Facial Expression Recognition 
– Activity recognition by pose estimation
– Medical supervision through fall detection


Completion Certificate will be provided by the MachVIS lab to all the workshop participants. 


Workshop Registration Fee:

  • Students : PKR 5000/-
  • Professionals : PKR 7000/-

20% Early Bird Discount, If Registration is Done by 9th Aug 2021

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