AI For Sustainability

Machine Vision & Intelligent Systems Lab

A multidisciplinary research group performing basic and applied research in computer vision, data science, and related areas of AI & machine learning.

Who We Are

A multidisciplinary research group performing basic and applied research in computer vision, data science, and related areas of AI & machine learning.

Our Vision

To become a center for collaborative research and technology innovation in applied Artificial Intelligence for human sustainability, focusing on nurturing young talent for capacity building to develop knowledge-based economy in Pakistan

Our Mission

Driving research and technology innovation to develop cutting-edge AI algorithms for solving indigenous problems and their productization to support socio-economic development of Pakistan

Our Projects


AI for Medical Image Analytics

Retinal Imaging, Computational Pathology for Cancer Image Analytics, Cephalometry, Orthodontics, and other imaging modalities


Intelligent Visual Surveillance and Biometrics

Person/Vehicle Re-Identification & Tracking, Human Activity Recognition, Pose Estimation, Unusual Incident Detection, Face Recognition


Knowledge and Semantics from Visual Data

Semantic Scene understanding, Fine-Grained Image Captioning, Visual Question Answering, Scene Graphs


Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture

Crops Mapping, Phenology estimation, Yield Prediction, Health Monitoring; Water-bodies Mapping; Multisized Object Detection in Spaceborne images


Predictive Analytics

Cancer Phenotype Extraction from Unstructured Data, Knowledge Graphs, AI-based Malware Detection, Automated Support Tickets Resolution


AI in Business & Finance

Food Security Analysis, Risk Assessment, Credit scoring, Insurance Pricing, Know Your Customers (KYC) Processes, Customer Churn Prediction


Trainings and Skill Development Bootcamps

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Join our Skills Development Bootcamps to enhance your knowledge and expertise. Designed for industry professionals, graduate students, and aspiring individuals, our programs offer comprehensive training and hands-on experience in these cutting-edge technologies.


We provide high performance

AI Consulting Solutions

Leverage our services to take full advantage of the collected data and gain valuable insights that help you automate business processes and boost revenue.

We build custom solutions using state of the art deep learning and artificial intelligence in the domain of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics. We build custom software to extract meaning from images, videos, LiDAR, and live streams using deep learning and traditional CV to identify, segment, track objects, and more. We segment objects from live image streams, identify and track objects in real time, and deploy human-in-the-loop learning systems at scale easier than ever before. We can help you in automating your daily image analysis tasks, but also in long-term research projects. We have extensive experience taking algorithms from prototype to production code.

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Muhammad Moazam fraz

Muhammad Moazam Fraz

Lab Director

Professor, NUST SEECS

Zuhair Zafar


Assistant Professor, NUST SEECS

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