Our Graduates


PhD Graduates

Sr. #NameBatchGraduationResearch
3Syed Khurram Jah RizviPhD-IS2023Towards Learning without Labels for Unsupervised Detection of Malicious Executables
2Nazia PerwaizPhD-CS2022Enhancing Person Re-identification by Learning Local Parts Association with Self-attention and Contextual Mapping
1Sufian Abdul Qader Abdul Rehman BadwaniPhD-IT2020Segmentation Classification and Morphometric Analysis of Retinal Vasculature

MS Graduates

Sr. #NameBatchGraduationResearch
45Rukhsana ZafarMSDS-2K20 - 2020Dec-23National Water Reservoirs Monitoring Through Time Series Remote Sensing
44Arshi ParvaizMSDS-2K20 - 2020Dec-23An Attention-Driven Hybrid Network for Survival Analysis of Tumorigenesis Patients Using Whole Slide Images
43Kanwal AftabMSDS-2K20 - 2020Nov-23Enhancing Aquaculture Sustainability through Automated Biomass Estimation, Disease Detection, and Behavior Analysis
42Vaneeza MehmoodMSDS-2K20 - 2020Oct-23Multi-year Wheat Mapping from Satellite Time Series Leveraging Superpixel-Based Active Learning for Data Sparse Regions
41Masabah Bint E IslamMSDS-2K21 - 2021Sep-23Learning Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Endo-phenotypes from Multidimensional Clinical Data using Machine Learning
40Ahsan IjazMSDS-9 - 2019Aug-23Uncovering Natural Clinical Data-Driven Clusters of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Endo-phenotypes using Machine Learning Techniques
39Uswah Ahmad KhanMSCS-9 - 2019Aug-23Tapping the power of clinical data to identify multidimensional Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) endo-phenotype
38Asim Hameed KhanMSCS-9 - 2019Jun-23Crop Type Classification using Multi-temporal Satellite Imagery
37Muhammad Anwaar KhalidMSDS-2K20 - 2020Jun-23AI-Powered Cephalometric Landmark Detection for Orthodontic Diagnosis: Framework, Dataset, and Detection Challenge
36Atif KhurshidMSCS-2K20 - 2020May-23Towards Large-scale Unsupervised Face Recognition in Videos
35Esha Sadia NasirMSCS-2K20 - 2020Apr-23Attention-aware Feature Fusion based Nuclei Instance Segmentation and Type Classification Using Histology Images
34Hasan Ali AsgharMSCS-9 - 2019Apr-23Vehicle re-identification for Visual Surveillance
33Ifrah MaqsoodMSCS-9 - 2019Feb-23A Multi-Modal Architecture for Visual Question Answering using Knowledge Graphs
32Saad Ahmad KhanMSDS-2K20 - 2020Jan-23Extracting Cancer Phenotypes from Electronic Medical Records - Tapping the power of unstructured data
31Muhammad Aasharib NawshadMSCS-2K20 - 2020Dec-22Boosting Facial Recognition Capability for Faces Wearing Masks using Attention Augmented Residual Model with Quadruplet loss
30Farina TariqMSDS-2K20 - 2020Dec-22Learning of Disease Specific Knowledge Graph from Unstructured Medical Health Records and Radiology Reports
29Nimra AminMSCS-8 - 2018Aug-22Recursive Skip Attention Network with Mask Refinement for Nuclei Instance Segmentation and Classification in Histology Images
28Mahgul MalikMSCS-8 - 2018Aug-22Natural Image Synthesis Using Scene Graphs
27Afzaal HussainMSCS-8 - 2018Jul-22Multimodal Knowledge Reasoning for Enhanced Visual Question Answering
26Saad WazirMSCS-8 - 2018May-22HistoSeg : Quick attention with multi-loss function for multi-structure segmentation in digital histology images
25Muhammad Ehsan ul HaqMSCS-9 - 2019Mar-22CLOUD : Clustering Large Online Unrecognized Detections
24Ahmed JamshedMSCS-8 - 2018Mar-22A Step-One Visual Learning App for children leveraging Knowledge-Aware Visual Question Answering Framework
23Bostan KhanMSCS-9 - 2019Aug-21Squeeze-and-Residual-Excitation in Holistic Attention Network for Improved Super Resolution in Remote Sensing Imagery
22Tufail Sajjad Shah HashmiMSCS-8 - 2018Aug-21Automated Detection of Weapons in Surveillance Data
21Rao FaizanMSCS-8 - 2018May-21Informative Attention Based Deep Network for Person Re-identification
20Ghulam DogarMSCS-8 - 2018May-21Distance Regression and Classification with Attention Network for Nuclei Instance Segmentation
19Umer JavedMSCS-8 - 2018Oct-20Modeling and Forecasting of Electricity Generation from Hydro Power Plants
18Syed Ali ZaidiMSCS-8 - 2018Sep-20An intelligent framework for support ticket resolution actions recommendation
17Warda AslamMSCS-8 - 2018Jun-20AI enabled framework for classification of Windows portable executable malware using static feature analysis
16Nazeef Ul HaqMSCS-8 - 2018May-20Orientation Aware Weapons Detection in Visual Data
15Afia RasoolMSCS-8 - 2018Feb-20Deep learning based segmentation of multiple tissue structures in histology Images for predictive cancer analytics
14Romana AliMSCS-7 - 2017Sep-19MultiModeling Approach for Effective Water Resource Management in NUST
13Naima MubarizMSIS-8 - 2015Nov-18Optimization of Person Re-Identification through Visual Descriptors
12Saba MumtazMSIS-8 - 2015Nov-18Weighted Hybrid Features for Person Re-Identification
11Raja Muhammad Saad BashirMSCS-6 - 2016Oct-18Vehicle re-identification for Visual Surveillance
10Maryam BadarMSCS-6 - 2016Oct-18Diagnostic Retinal Image Analysis
9Imran KhurramMSCS-6 - 2016Oct-18Scene Understanding: Image Description in Natural Language
8Qurrat Ul AinMSCS-6 - 2016Oct-18Semantic segmentation in human retinal images
7Wajeeha AnsarMSCS-6 - 2016Sep-18Person Re-Identification based Visual Surveillance System
6Saadia BatoolMSCS-4 - 2014Sep-18A Joint Optimization of End to End Person Re-identification in Visual Surveillance
5Muhammad Nauman ZahoorMSCS-4 - 2014Aug-17Decision support System for early detection of Glaucoma in retinal images
4Muhammad Zubair AfzalMSCS-3 - 2013Jul-17Automated System for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and Age Related Macular Degeneration in Retinal Images
3Muhammad Usman KhanMSCS-3 - 2013Nov-16Artery/Vein Classification of Retinal Vasculature
2Muhammad AbdullahMSIT - 2013Aug-16Automatic Glaucoma Detection using Retinal Fundus Images
1Asma NisarMSCS-3 - 2013Aug-16Gamified online WEKA

BE/BS Graduates

Sr. #GroupNameBatchFYP
43-45G-18Muhammad Usman Tahir,
Muhammad Kazim,
Jahangir Babar
BSCS-9, 2022-23
A Web-Based Real-Time Water Contaminant Monitoring System
40-42G-17Amal Saqib,
Muhammad Ali,
Momin Anjum
BSCS – 9, 2022-23Head Count of Sunflowers in a Sunflower Crop for Accurate Yield Estimation
37-39G-16Muhammad Qasim Khan,
Malik Zeeshan Ahmad,
Dawood Wasif
BSCS – 9, 2022-23Title Rice Phenology Estimation and Enabling Yield Boosting using Remote Sensing and Drone Imagery
36G-15Asad ImtiazBSCS – 9, 2022-23Title Multimodal Estimation of Wheat Phenology using Remote Sensing Imagery
35G-14Muhammad UsamaBEE-11, 2022-23Title Cotton Crop Health Monitoring through Drone Imagery and IoT Sensors
33-34G-13Muhammad Talha Abbas,Kafaite Zahra HussainBESE-7,2019-20Intutionalist: Web based power purchasing price prediction
30-32G-12Syed Muhammad Danish, Adil Naeem, Syed Safeer Raees ZaidiBESE-4,2016-17TrueSight: Anomaly detection and localization in surveillance videos
27-29G-11M. Ahmed Ullah Khan, Malik M. Usman & M.Azfar UsmanBESE-4, 016-17Violess: A Vision Based Violence Detection System
24-26G-10Abdul Moiz Farooq, Husnain Arif Wahla, Muhammad Talha MunirBESE-4,2016-17AutoDrive: Autonomous Driving System Prototype
21-23G-9Muhammad Maab Saleem, Syed Moosa Hasnain Jafri & Saad KhanBSCS-2,2015-16Smart-device based Driving Assist System
19-20G-8Nauman Haroon & Umair AhmadBESE-3, 2015-16Facial Recognition on Raspberry Pi
17-18G-7Zaryab Khan & Atiqa ZafarBESE-3,2015-16Optimera : Constraint Optimization Solver
14-16G-6Uzair Ghauri, Saad Shahid & Beenish KhanBESE-3,2015-16CUROFLUX: Project Management & Tracking System
11-13G-5Tooba Sana, Fizza Tahir and Zonia Ali AsifBEE, 2014-15Computer Assisted Diagnostic System For Early Detection Of Hypertensive Retinopathy
9-10G-4Waqas Jahangir & Saqib ZahidBEE, 2014-15Computer Assisted Diagnostic System for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy
6-8G-3Muhammad Affan, Muhammad Umair Akmal & Abdullah ShafinBEE, 2014-15Automated Method for Early Detection of Glaucoma inRetinal Images
4-5G-2Muhammad Bilal & Hassan ShahbazBEE, 2014-15Retinal Recognition Based Biometric System
1-3G-1Bilal Ahmad, Talal Ibrahim& Fubha BurneyBSCS-1,2014-15Retino CAD-Decision Support System For Early Detection Of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy