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Whether you’re just learning to code or you’re a seasoned machine learning practitioner, you’ll find information and exercises to help you develop your skills and advance your projects.


Workshop on AI and Remote-Sensing in Agriculture

The AI and Remote Sensing in Agriculture Workshop, hosted by the Machine Vision and Information Systems Lab, is a three-day event exploring the role of AI, Remote Sensing, and Drone Technology in modern agriculture. Participants will learn to collect, analyze, and visualize drone imagery data, examine real-world case studies, and engage in enriching discussions.

Asi@Connect training workshop on Enabling Sustainable Solutions for Agriculture and Water Resources

Agriculture in the SAR (South Asian Region) is caught in a low equilibrium trap with low productivity of staples, supply shortfalls, high prices, low returns to farmers and area diversification – all these factors can be a threat to food security.

Digital Forensics Concepts with Modern Tools

The workshop will help the participants to get fundamental concepts and principles of digital forensics and its relevance to digital investigations and the examination process. It will demonstrate the recovery of digital artifacts in forensically sound manners from different OS i.e. Windows/Mobile environments.

Deep Learning for Object Detection And Semantic Segmentation In Visual Data

Deep Learning and Computer Vision are witnessing tremendous growth over the years due to the application of machine learning algorithms to computer vision tasks such as object recognition and detection, image registration, 3D reconstruction and semantic segmentation.

Edge Computing for Computer Vision

A five days workshop on “Edge Computing for Computer Vision” is being conducted with a focus on harnessing the power of computer vision on the edge.

Training on AI, Machine Learning & Data Science

Machine Vision and Intelligent Systems Lab has organized a 5 day training on AI, Machine Learning & Data Science from 6th-10th Sep 2021

Machine Learning Problem Framing

Introduces you with Machine Learning (ML)  Mindset and helps you to identify appropriate situations for ML

Data Integration Bootcamp

The department of AI and Data Science, NUST SEECS is organizing a one day  skill-based training workshop “Data Integration Bootcamp” in collaboration with Astera Software on 23rd Dec 2021.

Dive Deep into Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) introduction, neural networks, basics, mathematical foundations, implementation using DL frameworks

Deep Learning for Object Detection and Recognition

Object detection families of CNN, RCNN Family, YOLO family, Single / Multi Stage detectors, APIs and Tools in the Cloud

Deep Learning for Semantic and Instance Segmentation

Semantic and Instance Segmentation of Object in Visual Data, from FCN to SOTA in the Domain, Practicals with different datasets

AI for Social Good

Learn How to Apply artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to social, humanitarian or environmental challenges

AI for Healthcare and Cancer Analytics

Digital pathology, Whole Slide Tissue Image analytics, Tissue Classification & Segmentation, Digital Biomarkers and Survival Analysis

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