An AI Enabled Quasi-Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring For Early Chemical and/or Biocontamination Detection

Train the Trainer

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The “Train the Trainer” initiative, central to WP2, was designed to strengthen the expertise of local human resources. Through focused capacity-building efforts, we aimed to empower both male and female trainers to work seamlessly with project partners and deliver knowledge effectively. A key objective was to foster strong collaborations with partners like BDREN, MYREN, and LEARN under the Asi@Connect umbrella.

The program delved deep into providing participants with both theoretical and practical insights. Specifically, the training focused on time series analysis of water quality parameters and the intricacies of developing Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for water contamination predictions. Furthermore, the initiative was geared towards readying the software development team for the creation of an AIoT-powered application to measure and predict water quality, enhancing real-time monitoring capabilities.

This initiative was paramount in ensuring that the team could engage effectively, conduct research, analyze data, and contribute to technological advancements, all pivotal for the project’s overarching success.

Statistics and Objectives

  • Title: “Train the Trainer”
  • Date: 23 May 2022 – 27 May, 2022
  • Duration: .5 days
  • Location: SEECS NUST Pakistan
  • Format: Seminars & Workshops
  • Digitalization Scale: Blended learning
  • No of Participants: 20 (50% female participants were planned)
  • Status: Seats reserved for BS Students (50%), MS/PhD Students (40%) Industry and Academia (10%)

The main objective of this workshops was to build capacity of Local Human Resource for:

  • Harnessing IOT Devices for Water Quality Data Harvesting
  • Developing Cutting edge AI Models for Data Analysis
  • Crafting Information Visualization Frameworks

Event Schedule

DayDateSession – 1
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
11:10am to 1:00 pm
Session – 3
2:00pm to 3:20pm
3:40pm to 5:00pm
1May 23rd, 2022IoT IntroductionIoT for Water QualituIoT Applications and SensorsHarvesting Data from IoT
2May 24th, 2022Big Data AnalyticsStorage of IoT Harvested DataData lake architecturesAmazon Data Lake Architectures
3May 25th, 2022Data MiningData ware housingHadoop ArchitectureCloud Data Analysis
4May 26th, 2022Information Visualization-IInformation Visualization-IITableau UI/UX creationTableau Dashboard
5May 27th, 2022Supervised Data Analysis TechniquesUnsupervised Data Analysis TechniquesAI model developmentDeployment of AI models in production

Achieved Outcomes:

The program yielded significant outcomes, with participants enhancing their technical proficiency, honing valuable skills, sharpening problem-solving abilities, and establishing lasting collaborations and networks. Moreover, participants developed innovative capacities and gained practical insights that could be applied to real-world projects, contributing to their professional growth and expertise in environmental monitoring and technology.

Effectiveness Measurement:

The effectiveness of the program was assessed through a variety of methods, including pre and post-assessments to gauge knowledge gained, hands-on exercises to apply theoretical knowledge practically, case studies that presented real-world scenarios for analysis and solution, project presentations to demonstrate understanding, and participant feedback that provided valuable insights. Participants were actively involved in the development of solutions, further enriching the learning experience.

We extend our gratitude to all participants, trainers, and supporters who made this training program a success.


  • The event was advertised internationally on TEIN CC webpage.
  • The YouTube playlist, and, serves as a comprehensive repository of event sessions with each topic. It offers a valuable resource for accessing a wide array of content delivered throughout the training workshop.

YouTube Playlist