An AI Enabled Quasi-Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring For Early Chemical and/or Biocontamination Detection

APAN 56 Attendance and Presentation

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The project team’s participation in APAN56 was an important event where they had the opportunity to present the progress of their project during the Asi@Connect forum session. Notably, the Board of Governors (BOG) of Asi@Connect was also in attendance. The benefits of this presentation can be summarized as follows:

Statistics and Objectives


  • Date: 21 August 2023 – 25 August 2023
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Beyond academia and research, our project had a broader mission: to benefit local communities, engineers, and member universities. It also held tremendous promise for TEIN member countries and developing nations searching for cost-effective solutions for water quality monitoring. This endeavor was not just about innovation; it was about contributing to a global cause. By enhancing water quality monitoring and distribution networks, our project aligned seamlessly with the overarching objective of ensuring clean and safe water resources worldwide. Work Package 5 was a testament to our commitment to making a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Project Visibility

Presenting at a renowned conference like APAN56 provided the project with increased visibility and exposure. It allowed the project team to showcase their work to a diverse and international audience.

Feedback and Insights

The presentation offered a platform for receiving valuable feedback and insights from experts and peers in the field. This feedback can be instrumental in refining and improving the project’s direction and outcomes.

Networking Opportunities

Conferences like APAN56 facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities. The project team could connect with other researchers, institutions, and potential partners who share similar interests and goals, paving the way for future collaborations.

Engagement with Stakeholders

Having the BOG of Asi@Connect in attendance meant that the project’s progress was presented directly to key stakeholders. This fosters transparency and demonstrates accountability in project execution.

Knowledge Exchange

Conferences are ideal platforms for knowledge exchange. The presentation allowed the project team to share their expertise and research findings, contributing to the collective knowledge in their field.

Project Credibility

Presenting at an international conference adds credibility to the project. It signifies that the work is of a high standard and is worthy of recognition on a global stage.

Promotion of Project Goals

The presentation enabled the project team to promote the goals and objectives of their project, reinforcing its significance and relevance in the context of regional and international initiatives.

In conclusion, the presentation at APAN56 provided a multitude of benefits, including increased visibility, feedback, networking, stakeholder engagement, knowledge exchange, project credibility, and promotion of project goals. These advantages contribute to the overall success and impact of the project.

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