Computer Vision

A list of Computer Vision/Image Processing Research Groups WorldWide
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Medical Image Processing Research Groups
Kings College London, Medical Image Processing Group…/biomedengin…/research/medimaging.aspx
Yale School of Medicine
University of Calgary, Medical Image Processing Laboratory
University of Southern California,SIGNAL & IMAGE PROCESSING
Medical Imaging and Signal Processing (MEDISIP)
Medical Imaging Research Center KU Luuven
Medical Imaging Research Group of Vancouver, Canada
Medical Imaging (MRI, CT, X-Ray) and Image Analysis…/cbtm/ckm/groups/MRIMIA/
Biomedical Imaging Group, EPFL, Switzerland
University of Cambridge, Medical Imaging Group Home Page
Medical Vision Group at MIT…/medical-vision/members.html
University of Dundee
Southampton Vision

Retinal Image Analysis Research Groups

CIFAR-10 – Object Recognition in Images

Facial Keypoints Detection…/products/facereader

Learn facial expressions from an image…

Classify handwritten digits using the famous MNIST data

Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC)

MegaFace: 1 Million Faces for Recognition at Scale 690,572 unique people

Face Homepage

Face Recognition accuracy and performance results

Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge

Biometric Evaluations Homepage

Biometric Data Sets

Grand Challenges in Biomedical Image Analysis


Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge 2015 (ILSVRC2015)

Ghassan Hamarneh

Interesting Topics
Semantic Vision…/research/semantic-vision/

Microsoft research on Computer Vision…/resear…/computer-vision.aspx