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Detection & segmentation of anatomical structures in retinal images

Detection & segmentation of anatomical structures in retinal images

The blood vessels, optic disk, fovea and macula are essential anatomical structures in the human retina. The optic disc is the entry and exit site of the blood vessels and optic nerves to the retina. The fovea is a small pit of the retina containing the highest concentration of photosensitive cells and responsible of our highest visual acuity. Both elements can be visualized in retinal images: the optic disc as a bright oval area interrupted by outgoing vessels and the fovea as dark area without retinal capillaries.
Information about the position and the aspect of the optic disk and the fovea helps in the diagnosis and severity grading of several eye complications, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration. In the presence of severe eye disease manifestations, these structures might be partially or completely obscured in the image, hindering a correct detection and segmentation. We have developed methodologies for automatic detection and segmentation of retinal blood vessels, pathologies including exudates, cotton wool spots e.t.c. This automatic detection and segmentation can be seen as the first step is develop computer assisted diagnostic system for retinal and systemic disease manifested in the eyes.



  • Muhammad Abdullah
  • Nauman Zahoor

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